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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Stockholm - Coffice - 11:26 AM

Address: Tjärhovsgatan 5, Stockholm

Opening hours:
Monday       8AM - 5PM
Tuesday       8AM - 5PM
Wednesday  8AM - 5PM
Thursday     8AM - 5PM
Friday          8AM - 5PM
Saturday      10AM - 5PM
Sunday        10AM - 5PM

+ Big windows that let in a lot of sunlight 
+ Quiet so good for working or studying
+ Possible to book meeting rooms 
+ Mix of antique and modern minimalistic style

+ Options available were very unique (soups, sandwiches, etc.)
+ Soup of the day
+ Multiple vegetarian and vegan options
- Not many options to select from

Price: Prices are average for Stockholm (30-40kr for a latte), sandwiches and soups are around 75-110kr

+ Baristas speak English and are very friendly
- It took over 40 minutes for us to get two sandwiches that we ordered although the café was not very busy at that time

Diss or drink: Drink

Overall: 7/10

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Stockholm - Espresso House Götgatan - 10:31 PM

Address: Götgatan 15, Stockholm

Opening hours:
Monday       6:30AM - 11PM
Tuesday       6:30AM - 11PM 
Wednesday  6:30AM - 11PM
Thursday     6:30AM - 11PM
Friday          6:30AM - 12AM
Saturday      8AM - 12AM
Sunday        9AM - 11PM

+ Nice seating arrangement
+ Good music selection
+ Wifi
- Tables aren't cleaned often

+ Range of different types of foods and drinks, such as bagels, cookies, cakes, coffees, teas etc. 
- Variety of different foods and drinks are pretty ordinary
- Not many vegan options

Price: Average for Stockholm although still expensive, a coffee costs around 45 Swedish kronor
(if you have their app and connect it to your card you get 10% off)

Service: Friendly baristas, no long queues, order is ready quickly

Diss or drink: Drink

Overall: 6/10